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Biddenden Bowls Club

Chris's Coaching Tips


Bowls is a friendly game and etiquette plays a big part in keeping it that way. Although breaches in etiquette are sometimes deliberate they usually occur by accident or through lack of knowledge. So if you are ever on the receiving end of bad behaviour it is best to remain calm and not over react. Etiquette is mainly common sense and treating people how you would like to be treated. 


If you are watching a match do be impartial and acknowledge good bowls by both teams. If you need to move during the game do so when the players are playing away from you or stand still by they are about to bowl if they are facing you.


Introduce yourselves at the start of the game and shake hands.  

Once you have bowled your wood and it has come to rest get off the mat quickly. DO NOT try to get on the mat before your opponent's ball has come to rest unless they have walked off the mat.

Be aware of players on other rinks - do not trespass onto another rink when you are walking to the other end of the green or moving to see the jack better or going to or from the green.

Change ends quickly - if it is not your team's turn to bowl do not stop to chat as it is not "your mat".

If you are at the head end stand still when someone is about to bowl. Stand behind the head unless your team has possession of the mat and you are directing a bowler.

Never applaud a lucky shot or wick. Never complain about a lucky shot and if you have a lucky shot admit it with good grace.

Show good sportsmanship by acknowledging good skill by another bowler.

Do not criticise the performance of a colleague - no one plays a bad bowl on purpose.

Do not criticise the green.

If you are at the head be prepared to stop wrong bias or deflected bowls from going onto the next rink and be alert to balls coming from an adjacent rink.

Avoid disturbing the head until shots have been agreed. If an umpire has been called move away as their decision is final.

Shake hands at the end of the game.

Be a gracious winner and a good loser - you can't win them all!!

Be familiar with the laws of the sport.