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Biddenden Bowls Club

County Knock Out Competitions 2019

After some good results last year and with a lot of experience gained a number of our ladies have again entered the 2019 county knockouts.

Our ladies 4s are playing at home on 5th June in the first round against a team from Borough Green.

The 2 wood competition (which Maggie did so well at last year) is on Saturday 22nd June.

Update 3rd June 2019

Pairs - Friday 31st May 1st round

Kim and Sue R won against a pair from Holmesdale Bowls Club. They will be playing the pair from Tenterden in the second round on Friday 7th June at Tenterden.

Pairs - Friday 24th May preliminary round

Chris and Denise lost narrowly to a pair from Tenterden. Kim and Sue R won against a pair from Tonbridge Bowls 21 - 20 on the last end!!

UPDATE 8TH July 2018 - Maggie's fantastic run in the 2 woods finally came to an end at the Kent Semi-finals played today at Milton Regis Bowls Club. Maggie put up a great fight being up at the half way stage but finally losing by 16 - 10. What a great representative of Biddenden Bowls Club - she now qualifies for her County Badge. Many congratulations Maggie.


UPDATE 20th June 2018 - Our ladies 4s (Chris, Maggie, Denise and Kim) will be joining Maggie at the Divisional Finals on the 1st July having won their 3rd round match - see below for more details.

UPDATE 9th June 2018 - our reigning club champion Maggie has made it through to the County 2 Wood Divisional Finals - see below for more details

UPDATE 21st May 2018 - Maggie and Kim get a "hotshot". During the preliminary round of the pairs competition the girls scored with all 8 of their bowls in a single end. They are now proud members of the "hot shots club. 

5 of our ladies entered the County Knock Out Competitions. 

2 Wood Competition - Singles

Played on 9th June at Borough Green BC

Chris, Maggie, Jeannette and Kim played in this competition. Whilst Kim and Jeannette went out in the early rounds against tough opposition they both played well and enjoyed the rest of the day supporting Chris and Maggie who both made it to the semi finals. Chris went out at that stage but Maggie played a brilliant final which she dominated from the outset and won with several ends in hand. She will now progress to the Divisional Finals on 1st July at Bromley Bowls Club.


Preliminary Round at Biddenden

Chris, Maggie, Denise and Kim beat a team from Cranbrook

1st Round played 6th June away at Borough Green

Chris, Maggie, Denise and Kim beat a team from Borough Green Bowls Club by 2 shots.

2nd Round played 13th June at Biddenden

Chris, Maggie, Denise and Kim beat another team from Borough Green (last years winners).

3rd Round played 20th June at Biddenden

Chris, Maggie, Denise and Kim beat a team from Bromley. 

Divisional Finals will be played at Bromley Bowls Club on Sunday 1st July.

Pairs Competition


Preliminary Round

Maggie and Kim beat a Jenny and Jackie from Westerham (Played at Biddenden)

Chris and Denise beat a couple from Westerham (Played at Westerham)

Round 1 -  played on Friday 1st June 2018

Maggie and Kim lost to Sue and Hannah from Orpington Excelsior. (played at Biddenden)

Chris and Denise beat a  couple from Borough Green (played at Biddenden). They successfully defended a lead of 2 going into the final (21st end)

Round 2 - to be played on Friday 8th June 2018

Chris and Denise lost to Sue and Hannah from Orpington Excelsior (played at Orpington)