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Projects & Maintenance

There is always much going on at the Club to keep things running and planning for longer term development of our facilities. It was great that we were able to complete our new toilet block and store before the Covid disruption of 2020.

We have turned our focus to the next priority on our list " Ditch and Green Edges" these have deteriorated quite a lot during the very wet winter.  As you would expect this will not be an easy or cheap fix, particularly as only a few related activities can be undertaken by club volunteers.  We have obtained a number of costings for the work which range from some £15000 to £40000, the current working assumption is that a project cost of circa £30000 is the most likely solution providing a balance of effectiveness and longevity.  As many of the existing concrete ditch units have failed, causing green edge collapse, there is little latitude for temporary/interim solutions.

The biggest challenge to progressing this project will be to put in place a full "Finance Package" that will allow contractors to be engaged.  The challenges to our own finances caused by the pandemic limit funds we can commit, albeit the significant financial support from Government have replaced the many "Income Streams" lost and have allowed us to continue to meet our "fixed outgoings".  We continue to look for sources of grants that could be sought to support our plans, however quite rightly most funders are focusing their available funds towards those most affected by the pandemic and getting community services up and running as the relaxation of restrictions allow. Now that the local elections are complete we will be approaching ABC and KCC to see if any help might be available.  We have already obtained outline support of contributions from BPC and VHSC, which of course is very much appreciated.

Any fundraising ideas etc.  will be very welcome, just let me know

Paul Buggins 15 May 2021

The damaged Club House Roof and repairs November 2020

Working on the green - Autumn and Winter 2018/2019