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Biddenden Bowls Club

All around the Green

These pages will tell you about what's going on with the green, maintenance around the green (whether indoors or out) and about any specific projects which are underway or planned.


GREEN UPDATE - 30th June 2019

All of you who have been at the green over the last couple of weeks will have noticed that the grass has been thinning and bald spots and patches appearing across the green. This is due to Crane fly larvae which has got into the green and is attacking the grass roots. This is not an easy problem to solve and the green team who are putting in hours of work every week to spike, mow, apply composts and nutrients etc. are very frustrated.  We are seeking advice on options to resolve it but we know that the ideal is strong healthy grass on a good base which takes time.

Just a month ago the grass was looking good and really filling in after seeding over the closed season and all the work done since the season began. AND then the crane fly grubs started to appear.

Last Tuesday the Green Keeping team (Jim, Paul, Kev, Brian, Ashley, Norman) spent 10 hours + between them picking up the larvae after the heavy rain of Tuesday night.  They estimate that they picked up/collected over 2000 grubs. Please recognise the effort they have made and continue to make to improve and maintain the green - moans and groans don't help them!!!




THIS PAGE  is intended to let members know what is happening and planned, any particular challenges, and what help is needed. It will also highlight challenges and plans to overcome them. 

REMEMBER WORK ON THE GREEN AND SURROUNDS DOES NOT STOP WHEN THE SEASON ENDS BUT WILL GO ON THOUGHOUT AUTUMN, WINTER AND SPRING so please come along if you can or talk to Jim or Paul or Jeannette about how you might be able to help.

The green and surrounds (including the various buildings) are looked after by club members who come along on Tuesday mornings throughout the year and on other days as needed. Regular tasks on the green itself include: cutting, spiking, rolling, weeding, watering, adding treatments (e.g. compost tea!). Other regular jobs include: mowing other grass, strimming edges, weeding paths and edges, hedge cutting and clearing.Jim, Paul and Brian take the lead but during 2018 a number of members have become regular volunteers/workers including Kev, Kim, Ashley, Norman and Mike. Keith has continued to work on the old Denis Mower to keep it running and Ron has done a sterling job painting the back and sides of the pavilion.  Others have also come along. It does make a huge difference and really does make a social event out of it!!

Mention must also be made of Jeannette and Denise who virtually every Tuesday are at the green, sorting the pavilion, cleaning the toilets, checking and renewing essential stocks and supplies, making tea and coffee etc.etc.  These are tasks that really do need to be shared more widely. 




Working on the green - Autumn and Winter 2018/2019

SWEEPING ROTA and why and when does the green need sweeping

Every day the green needs to be swept unless it is frosty, covered in snow or raining. This task is undertaken to protect the grass.

Monday - Norman

Tuesday - Work crew

Wednesday - Ron

Thursday - David

Friday - 

Saturday - Brian

Sunday - Mike

Cover brushers - Jim, Paul, Kim.