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The start of the 2022 league season is now less than two months away and we have 2 teams entered in the mixed triples Weald League (2 triples) with matches mainly played on Tuesday evenings. We also have a team  in the Friday evening Men`s Maidstone triples. (2 triples)

We will need to have a good squad of players to ensure we can field teams each week with the ability to cover holidays, other absences and injuries. For newer bowlers it is a really good way to develop your experience of more competitive play - certainly those who played in the Weald teams in recent seasons learnt a lot and saw real improvements in their match play.

PLEASE therefore put your names down to participate, either on the sheets at the clubhouse ( these will be put up in early April) or use the forms on the individual league pages on this site.   YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU !!!!!

For fixture details and results see the relevant pages. The teams selected will be posted on the notice board at the club house and on the selection page on this website.

SUPPORTERS - It really encourages our teams if they have a few supporters coming along. Watching the games whilst having a cup of tea or perhaps a beer or glass of wine (bring your own) can be a very enjoyable evening. Appreciating the good play of our teams and the opposition teams is what it is all about!!  

If you need any further detail or information please talk to Paul or Ralph

Update 5 January 2022

Having reviewed our entries for the 2022 season a team has been entered into the Maidstone league and fixtures have already been generated and are detailed on the web page.

As regards the Weald League the format has been amended to just two Triples per match.  In the circumstances we have entered two teams and the fixtures have been produced and have been updated on the web page.  Additionally the rules and scoring system has changed and an updated copy has been attached to the web page