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The pages under this coaching heading will include activities and tips on bowling and  information on rules, terminology and etiquette. During the season, coaching sessions will be available either on a one to one  or small groups basis along with ideas for "purposeful practice" to improve individual skills. 






Sessions are being arranged before the start of the season, to be held in the club house.  It is intended that the four events will be valuable to both inexperienced ( and new) bowlers as well as those looking to develop a deeper understanding of the game.  Members and potential members can attend all, or as many events, as they wish.  The sessions will be fairly informal and can be “flexible” to cater for the group`s needs, it is particularly important that they are interactive with everyone having the opportunity to provide input and ask questions. Practical activities will be an integral part.

Details of the core content of each event are provided below, sessions are expected to last approximately 2 hours, but as mentioned above they can be flexible to meet group needs.

Please ensure you advise Paul a few days in advance which sessions you are planning to attend.  If you need more detail or have any specific items you would like covered, please don’t hesitate to contact Paul.

What to bring with you:

  • Box measure if you have one (don’t worry if you don’t as there will several available)
  • Warm comfortable attire
  • Snacks if you want to .. teas and coffee will be available
  • ??

BOWLS BASICS                            Wednesday 9th March starting at 2pm

  • Formats of play and roles of different positions.
  • Delivery routine, including placing the mat and jack delivery
  • Friendly and League matches
  • Setting up for home matches, and tidy away equipment afterwards ( Scoreboards !!)
  • Entertaining visitors
  • Coaching and Club Roll up sessions
  • Club Competitions
  • Communication whilst playing … Hand Signals

RULES and MEASURING                        Tuesday 15 March starting at 3pm

  • Reflection on some of the basic/fundamental rules
  • Judging distances (particularly when advising team mates)
  • Agreeing number of shots on completion of an end.
    • Scorecard … Scoreboard
    • Measuring .. basic equipment and skills/process .. practice
  • Quiz 

MARKING         Tuesday 29 March starting at 3pm

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Review and Reflection on most relevant rules
  • Equipment .. basic …what`s available at the club

TACTICS            Wednesday 6 April starting at 2pm

  • Types of shot
  • Formats of play and roles and responsibilities, brief reflection
  • Understanding own and your team strengths and preferences
  • Awareness of opposition strengths and preferences
  • Team dynamics and communication
  • Building a head, playing shots for future advantage and decision making

Please let me know using the form below which sessions you plan to attend, you can also let me know any specific items you would like to be covered.

Any further information needed or questions just let me know 

Paul Buggins



Indicate in the boxes below the sessions you wish to attend