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Dementia Friends

Biddenden Bowls Club Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends Organisations - updated by Kim 23rd March 2021

"Being a Dementia Friend simply means learning more about dementia, putting yourself in the shoes of someone living with the condition, and turning your understanding into action." 

"A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community. Too many people affected by dementia feel that society fails to understand the condition they live with. Dementia Friends help by raising awareness and understanding, so that people living with dementia can continue to live in the way they want....Dementia Friends help people living with dementia by taking actions - both big and small." 


Clubs which register to become a Dementia Friends Organisation, as we have now done, seek to create dementia friends amongst their membership to improve understanding and put in place action to support those living with dementia (whether the individual themselves or their carer/family).

To take part in this initiative and to become a dementia friend log onto and click on:

  • Join       -
  • Organisations -
  • Watch our Videos for Organisations 
  • Enter your details including the club’s unique code Bid0982.   

You have to watch at least 2 of the videos to become a friend. (I really like the bookcase one - this was covered in the information session which I attended and it really helped me to understand).

The committee have all watched 2+ videos and feedback has included I have watched three of the videos, which I found interesting and emotional” and I think they are useful to all and everybody playing bowls or not ….in reality people are not as kind and helpful as they are in the videos but if it makes us think and be more understanding that can only be a good thing”

A record is made against the club's code only of of the total number who have watched the videos and become friends. Currently 10 people have registered – it would be great to get this to 30+.

The videos are generic but there are many aspects to consider to ensure that  playing members, visitors and spectators who have the condition or live with someone who has it  are welcomed and supported to enjoy the game of bowls.

3 aspects were highlighted in the Coach Bowls Dementia Friends Online Information session in November 2021 and we are seeking to address all of these at Biddenden:

  • the colour of our bowls mats - we will be purchasing some not black mats March 2021
  • selecting the best rink  to play on - an outer rink may have less distractions
  • clear signage. - for changing rooms and toilets. 

If you have any ideas or thoughts or suggestions on other steps which we could take please speak to one of the committee.  


For more information please visit -