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At last this big project is underway. For many seasons our ditches have been collapsing and the grass edges of the green have been sloping down to the ditch. Stopping a bowl within a metre of the ditch has become virtually impossible. But from April 2023 this will be no more.

The fund raising has happened, options identified and on Monday 28th November the actual work began.

Message from project manager, Paul "As you will be aware from previous communications and the update at the recent Club AGM we are moving forward with the project to replace ditches, banks and level the outside edge of the green.  We need to undertake quite a lot of preparatory work (to save costs) before the contractor comes on site.  We need to remove the existing artificial grass etc from the banks, remove the concrete ditch profiles and lift some turf around the edge of the green."

Concrete ditches to be stacked ready for use as hardcore in future projects/refurbs. Good turf to be reused fill patches on the green (e.g. clover removal) with poorer bits composted in new compost bins. 

Here is the onsite report on day one 29th November 2022(SS)

"The Ditch Project is underway. Lots of willing hands gathered at the green. Ralph had to carry out some rehoming of wildlife. Amazing what 65 plus year olds can do when playing bowls is the carrot! There was mist rising as time was called on an excellent effort by all those who turned up. Made me recall that old country saying….'Mist in the hollows good weather follows.' Well done everyone."

Onsite report 5th December 2022 (KB)

Today we saw the turf cutter clear approximately 1m of turf (and muddy bits) around the green. Turf then rolled where possible or lifted. Poorer bits filling the back of Oak Tree Corner and other points around the surrounds, better bits filling patches left by removal of clover on the green.  Sounds simple but was hard work done by a great team.  Final touches being done 6th December.