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May 2020 Update No 2

By Kim Buggins Biddenden Bowls Club

Tuesday, 26 May 2020


Biddenden Bowls Club Contributor


Here is part 2 of our May update with information on our new social media presence and a light hearted look at activities at the green.

FACEBOOK - Biddenden Bowls Club

Bowls England ran a Social Media Webinar to help clubs understand how to use social media. With the current COVID 19 challenges good communication is vital. Sue Jones, an enthusiastic FACEBOOK user (as those of us who are friends with her know,) has agreed to use her skill and enthusiasm to work with Kim to set up and manage the page.

This is a very different offering to our website and whilst many things will overlap Facebook allows real time contact with many people in seconds. It will not only update members but also help the local community keep in touch with what is going on at the club and encourage new members.

Facebook is not just about younger people though as many older people use it too and have indeed developed their social media use and skills during lockdown to stay in touch with family & friends. We know Facebook is not for everyone and emais, newsletters, (including paper copies of both), club notice boards (when we are allowed back into the clubhouse!), telephone calls and of course the website will continue to be key parts of club communication with Facebook giving another option.

Sue and Kim will be doing regular updates including links to Bowls England, club news, pictures, events and much more. Some members have already started following our Facebook page but if you use Facebook please LIKE & FOLLOW. Adding your likes, comments, posts and shares will help make the page a success.

Guardians of the Green (GOTG) VOLUME 3 – A Tale of Super Heroes

To fully appreciate this tale, you might like to check out – Guardians of the Galaxy “Think of them as good guys… with an unconventional approach to the Super Hero business” The story so far ……..

With limited opening for roll ups and the work crew still busy at the green (aka 'Planet Green’) Biddenden Bowls Club continues to receive support from GOTG.

The GOTG are maintaining patrols and activities to protect “Planet Green”. It has been observed that the GOTG have been boosted by some smaller fluffier arrivals in the robin and squirrel sections. Leader Robin (despite new parental responsibilities) continues to attend daily and has recently reported the following:

Operation “WATER LEAK” is underway with a series of “covert” activities to identify sources of water appearing in the irrigation drain point. Several early missions proved unsuccessful however the operation leader is hopeful that a fix deployed yesterday will solve the problem. Water meter checks over coming days will confirm. A new GOTG recruit, code name, Large Toad, has been closely inspecting the suspect area but has needed to be rescued twice. He has been reminded to “stay safe”.

Robin has observed pairs rolling round objects up and down the green apparently in pursuit of a small yellow ball. Some concerns that accuracy is lacking with the round objects ending up in the mote or with guidance issues e.g. rolling away from the yellow bowl. (aka wrong bias).

The expanded Squirrel squadron has settled into Oak Tree Corner and seem unperturbed by the new red and white chain link fence. Comment made that fence should have been red white and blue on 8th May. Use of machinery in the area apparently attacking the heavy clay has been seen.

A new phenomenon has been observed with copious spraying onto mats, jacks, padlocks, handles and other surfaces as well as application of clear gel to hands on a repetitive basis. It has also been observed that 2m gaps between individual have become a feature with the exception of some who are believed to be from the same household.

We can remain happy in the knowledge that all GOTG remain vigilant and continue to keep Planet green safe

The reports from GOTG are co-ordinated by our undercover operative codenamed Bandit.

Contact Information

Kim Buggins

  • 07795802630

Find Biddenden Bowls Club

The Green, Gordon Jones Playing Fields, Tenterden Road, Biddenden, Ashford, Kent, TN27 8BB


Additional Information

Turn off the A262 (Tenterden Road) into Old Mill Court and then immediately bear left into first car park. Continue past playing field and to the right of the squash club. The bowls club is on the left at the far end of the car park.