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Do You Know Bowls? Quiz.

How well do you know the rules?  Have a go at these questions. The answers appear below.

1. How far can you take the mat up the green?

2. What happens if you bowl out of turn?

3. What happens if you bowl someone else's bowl?


1. You can place the front of the mat anywhere between the two metre line (the first white marker on the bank) and the 25 metre line (the second white marker on the bank)

2. The skip on the opposing team can stop the bowl before it gets to the head and return it. If it is not stopped before it enters the head and alters it the skip can: decide to leave it and let  his team member bowl twice to return to the correct order or return the bowl and play in the right sequence or replace the head as it was before the wood was bowled or declare the end dead.

3. The bowl must be carefully replaced by the correct bowl. If the wrong bowl was a toucher the replacement bowl must also be marked.