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Membership Forms and Subscriptions,

Subscriptions and Fees in 2023

Details of the Subscription and fees are shown in the table below. 

Membership Secretary Kim can be contacted by email at


Subscriptions and Fees for 2023 - Agreed at AGM 16th November 2022

Category Amount Payable Type of Fee Comment

Annual Subscription for Full Paying Members



No Joining fee is payable

New bowlers joining the club (applies to new members who have not bowled previously at Biddenden BC or another bowls club including indoor clubs.)


Joining Fee

Joining fee for new bowlers in their first season to mainly cover affiliation fees to KCBA and BE.

Annual Subscription for Juniors



No joining fee is payable.

Juniors joining the club for the first time


Joining Fee

Joining fee for new junior bowlers in their first season to in part cover affiliation costs

Social Members



Please see the Membership Page for support for new or existing members experiencing financial harship.

The match fees agreed at the November 2022 AGM for Friendly matches and League Games remain unchanged at £3 per match home and away and the entry fee for club competitions also remains at £3 per competition. 

Match fees and entry to club competitions for junior members will be £1 per match/competition. 

The club has to affiliate all members to BE (Bowls England) and KCBA (Kent County Bowls Association) at a total cost of £10pa.  

The club year runs from 1st April to 31st March. Annual subscriptions are payable by 1st April or within one month of being accepted as a member of the club.


Membership form for Full and Life Members 2022 PDF Version

BBC Full and Life Members 2022 pdf.pdf File Uploaded: 3 February 2022 316.7 KB