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AGM 16th November 2022

This year's AGM will be taking place on 16th November 2022 at 2pm at the Clubhouse.

Agenda and the various reports are posted below.

The following Committee nominations were received 28 days before the AGM.

Position                            Nominee                         Proposer                       Seconder

Chair                                 Jeannette Oatway          Joy Glaysher                 Mike Darkins

Vice Chair                         Vacant

Treasurer                          Kim Buggins                   Jeannette Oatway         Joy Glaysher                          

Secretary                          Joy Glaysher                  Linda Wicks                      Alex Kadinopoulos

Fixture Secretary              Vacant

Membership Secretary     Kim Buggins                   Joy Glaysher                    Ralph Sands

Captain                             Vacant

Vice-Captain                     Vacant

Competitions Secretary    Vacant

Welfare Officer                  Barbara Ellison               Jeannette Oatway        Joy Glaysher

Committee Members        Shirley Sands                 Joy Glaysher                   Kim Buggins          

                                          Paul Buggins                  Jeannette Oatway         Joy Glaysher

                                          Ashley Shute                  Kim Buggins                    Shirley Sands

                                          Alex Kadinopoulos        Jeannette Oatway        Paul Buggins 

Mixed league Captain         Vacant

Mens League Captain (Friday)  Vacant