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Finals Weekend


Updated 5 September with Results !!


with BBQ  4th SEPTEMBER 

The Club “FINALS WEEKEND” is an important time in our bowling calendar as it is the culmination of all our Club Competitions.  The FINALS of the events held this year will take place across the weekend. ( and the reserve day 10 September) It is a great time to enjoy some competitive bowling and support the players.  Hopefully lots of members, family and friends will be able to come along for at least part of the weekend. There will be tea, coffee available as usual.

To “round off” the weekend there will be a simple BBQ on Sunday afternoon to celebrate with the bowlers, commiserate with those coming second, relive great games played over the season and of course to socialise.  Members, family and friends are invited to come along.  Hot Dogs, along with onions and condiments will be available 

There will be a SMALL CHARGE for items from the BBQ and it is hoped that those attending will support the Raffle. 

There will be a small selection of soft drinks available (very reasonably priced) along with the usual tea and coffee but please feel free to bring along beverages of your choice - perhaps a bottle of wine or a can of beer! 

Hope to see lots of members as well as friends and families.

If you have any queries about the weekend please talk to Ralph or Paul B.


Planned schedule of Games

(Please note start times may vary, as games are likely to be played sequentially where possible)


3 September

10.15    Two Woods     Malcolm  ( 10 )  v    Ray (11)

11.00     Ladies Championship  " Semi-Final"  Veronica (21)  v  Kim (9)

13.15     Drawn Pairs     Malcolm and Kate (9) v  Ralph an Ashley  (13)

14.00     Mens Championship  "Semi-Finals"  Gavin (17)  v  Paul B (21)

15.30     Ladies Championship      Ann ( 12) v  Veronica (21)


4 September

10.15     Drawn Triples   Malcolm, Roland and Ashley  (10) v  Ray, Jim and Linda (9)    (after an extra end)

11.00     Club Championship  "Semi-Final"   Gavin (2)  v  Paul (21)

11.30     Biddenden Bowl  Barbara (12)  v  Terry (21)

13.00     Malcolm and Kim (19)  v  Ray and Ann (3)

14.00     Mens Championship  Paul  (21)  v  Norman  (7)

16.00  (or sooner) the BBQ will be fired up for Hot Dogs !!!  (35 were sold and eaten !!)


10 September  Results shown in ( )

10.30     Handicap   Ray ( 11 ) v  Mike  (9 )

11.30/12.00     Yardstick   Kim (25)  v  Paul (29)

14.00     Club Championship   Mike (8)  v  Paul (21)





FINALS WEEKEND 2022  - 3 and 4 SEPTEMBER  (Reserve day 10 September)

Dates for your diary at this stage as more details will be provided as we go through the season.




The weather was very kind to us this year staying dry throughout the weekend, and very sunny and hot on Sunday.  There was some good bowling and great competition, particularly the Biddenden Bowl which went to a sudden death end as the score reached 20 all in this 21 shot match, well played John and Carl.

The full results roundup is shown below



Trophy                                        Winner(s)                                            Runner Up(s)

Open Pairs                Paul Buggins and Kim Buggins                 Ray Walker and Ann Walker

Drawn Pairs             Norman Jones and Shirley Sands              Mike Darkins & Carl Wiggins

Handicap                                 Ann Walker                                          Jeannette Oatway

Two Woods                              Not played

Yardstick                                Paul Buggins                                               Sue Ryan

Biddenden Bowl                   John Wiseman                                            Carl Wiggins

Mens Championship             Paul Buggins                                           Malcolm Nelmes

Ladies Championship        Veronica Shyvers                                            Ann Walker

Club Championship               Paul Buggins                                           Malcolm Nelmes

Drawn Triples    Jim Oatway, Hugh Shyvers, Ashley Shute      Shirley Sands, Martin Watts, Veronica Shyvers